Friday Video from SmartPak: Hitch a Ride Round Hambach 3* with JulisEventer

Grab your passports, folks, because it’s time to head to Germany: today, we’re saddling up with Juliane Barth, friend of EN and German eventing vlogger extraordinaire, as she tackles her three-star debut around the glorious Hambach course. Fortunately for all of us, she made sure her trusty helmet cam (or Helmkamera) was locked and loaded before she left the start box, which gives us the chance to tag along as she tackles the tricky track. If you’ve ever wondered what a day out eventing looks like over the courses that help create the eventing world’s biggest superstars, this is a super opportunity to see it for yourself, with the insightful addition of speed and performance metrics. Juliane finished 14th over the tough track, which yielded 13 non-completions, and we reckon it’s not too long before we see her at the top levels giving some of her regular interviewees a serious run for their money.

Drei, zwei, eins: Gute Fahrt! (Yes, really. German is a poetic language.)