Friday Video from SmartPak: Piggy Feels the Badminton Blues

We look forward to Piggy March’s vlog instalments for a variety of reasons — she’s erudite and educated, but nevertheless perennially capable of laughing at herself. But more than anything, she manages to be so consistently relatable, despite the fact that most of us will have to content ourselves merely with daydreaming about emulating her success on the world stage. And in this latest edition, Piggy tackles the recent shock cancellation of Badminton – which she won on its last renewal in 2019 – with the same jumbled mass of emotions we’ve all experienced as 2021 continues to implore 2020 to hold its beer.

We hope that the next time we all catch up with Piggy it’s in the wake of happier tidings – but until that day, here’s a competitor’s take on the loss of a five-star – and your reminder that we all feel the sting of the uncontrollables.

Go Eventing – soon, anyway.