Friday Video from SmartPak: Team Ireland’s Bringing Boybands Back (And It’s the Stuff of Nightmares)

I apologise, dear viewer, for the horrors that are about to unfold in front of you. Today’s video instalment may only be a short one, but we suspect you’ll be glad not to gaze in terror into the smirking and animated eyes of Padraig McCarthy (top right) for any longer than absolutely necessary as he and some of the lads from the Irish team – that’s Cathal Daniels (top left), Sam Watson (middle left), Joseph Murphy (middle right), Austin O’Connor (bottom left) and Brian Morrison (bottom right) – deliver you straight back to the dance floors of the noughties. Prepare to have the song stuck in your head, and worse, these extraordinarily creepy faces manifesting themselves in your nightmares for weeks to come.

Go, erm, eventing…?