Stable View Launches ‘Brave Today’ Community Equestrian Outreach Program

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

When Barry Olliff says he wants Stable View to be a “gathering place” for the community, he means it. And his newest initiative is focused on opening the doors even wider.

Today the venue announced the launch of “Brave Today,” a community equestrian outreach program for the children and youth of Aiken County, ages eight to sixteen, and future 501(c)3.

“Beginning Monday, April 12th, 2021, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and running every Monday for six weeks, this program is designed to offer and equestrian experience for underprivileged children as well as those children faced with mental health challenges.

“Each child will get the opportunity to engage in horse related activities in an outdoor, friendly and quiet atmosphere. At Stable View they will connect with the horses, stimulating their tactile senses to improve cognition, concentration, memory, social, communication and leadership skills. Every ‘Brave Today’ child will work on developing a relationship with horses and others at their own pace, in a comfortable space, finding their own unique gifts and talents.

“By way of background, it’s estimated that one in five people suffer from a mental health episode everyday, which includes children as young as eight years of age. We believe that these issues are very prevalent in Aiken county. Stable View’s ‘Brave Today’ goal is to provide a safe haven for those children and youth to gather, experience the connection of horses, develop life long skills and provide support after each program through mentorship and scholarships. Helping each individual transition into other local programs similar in nature.”

For more information contact Janice Keats at 707-481-3970 or Stable View at 484-356-3173.

We thank Stable View for its commitment to sharing the therapeutic value of horses with all. And, we’re looking forward to next week’s big event! Over 200 FEI entries have come in for the Spring FEI CCI-S 1/2/3/4* Horse Trials and Adequan/ USEF Youth Team Challenge — you can check the entry status here.

Go Eventing!