Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: A Poignant Plea to Drivers

If you’re based in the States, you may be lucky enough to avoid riding on the roads entirely. But if you’re a UK-based rider, it’s likely that roadwork is unavoidable, as privately-owned parcels of land tend to be much smaller and access to bridlepaths is dwindling constantly. Those who ride out regularly know all too well how risky it can be: despite high-visibility clothing, frequent warning signs, and a number of campaigns, many motorists continue to drive too fast, too close, and too recklessly around horses. The results? Often frightening, and occasionally tragic.

Manchester-based student Holly Woollock was fed up of seeing the grim statistics playing out, and so she decided to take action. She created this tearjerker of a video as part of her coursework, showing the heartbreaking reality that far too many riders have had to face. A fair warning: it’ll make you have a bit of a cry — but it might also persuade your non-horsey friends to slow down when driving through the countryside. And that, frankly, is a big win for riders everywhere.