Sport Horse Nation Spotlight: 6 Fabulous 4-Year-Olds

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The age of 4 is pretty golden for event horses. By that time, they’re starting to get a hang of the basics and old enough to start exploring the sport with all the wonder of a preschool kid discovering the world around them.

Here are six fabulous 4-year-olds currently featured on Sport Horse Nation!

CeCe. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


CeCe is a clever, willing, and incredibly talented 4 year old mare that demonstrates the intelligence and athleticism needed to bring along an upper level prospect. She completed her first Beginner Novice at Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials in August, along with several Novice one day derbies. She has schooled extensively throughout SoCal at facilities such as Twin Rivers, Galway Downs, Ironwood Ranch, and El Sueño Equestrian Center – she’s been exposed to water, coffins, ditches, up and down banks, and trail riding. It is easy to forget that CeCe is only 4. She’s a thinker, which makes her a quick learner, and she’s brave and honest without being careless. She aims to please, and quickly picks up on new experiences and skills, making the process of working with her very rewarding. Up to date on everything, currently only shod in front. No tattoo, great bloodlines and bred to race, but never made it to the track. In full training, price will continue to increase as her training progresses.

Grove Hill Bob. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


Grove Hill Bob is a 4 year old, 16.3 hand gelding with great potential for the upper levels. He is by the Cruising sire Cougar and out of a Painter’s Row mare. He was imported in December and started under saddle and is currently competing novice (winning his last start and finishing top 3 nearly every outing). In addition to his ability and breeding for the upper levels he has a genuine attitude and temperament for all 3 phases!

Jake. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


Imported 16.2h, 4yo ISH/TB (Cruising & Clover Hill). “Jake” has all the right pieces to be a competitive upper level horse, yet easy and chill enough for a YR or Ammy to bring along. Brave, Scopey, and can take a serious joke. Good in the mouth and sound. Competing Novice level Eventing, has shown up to 1.0m jumpers. Nice enough to be an Eq horse. Comes with clean X-rays.

**Placed 3rd in a big Novice Horse group at VAHT November 3/4th finishing on his dressage score of 31.

Located in Ocala, FL.

Garbo STF. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


***“Garbo STF” has been competing at BN this season and ready to move up to N. She has received dressage scores of 20 and 26, won 2 events and placed 3rd!

Ths is an exceptionally talented young horse that has been groomed for and is ready to show in the Dressage Young Horse classes or USEA Young Event Horse this year! She has the gaits to be an FEI dressage prospect and the talent for the 4* level in Eventing. Currently she stands 16.1+ and should finish at 16.2. She is a lighter more modern type horse. Her strong Holsteiner pedigree also contains 50% TB blood needed for the top levels in Eventing.

She naturally has an uphill way of going and prefers to carry herself in a higher level carriage. She has a phenomenal canter that is extremely adjustable and sits on her hind legs. Dressage horse trot that uses her hocks and can easily be taught piaffe and passage. Ground covering walk with over step. Forward thinking, light off the leg, and soft in the hand.

Joe Money. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


Joe Money is an exceptional 16.2 hh 4 year old with an unmatched temperament and quiet but eager nature. He has three beautiful gaits with an easy, fluid jump and is absolutely as brave as can be. Joe is a barn favorite with an in your pocket personality, great for the vet and farrier, clips, ties, bathes etc with a 10 for behavior in or out of the tack. Joe retired completely sound from his short racing career. He was given proper down time after the track and has had a correct, flawless introduction to Eventing taking everything in stride including competing. He’s been trained by a professional but ridden by multiple kids and adult amateurs including friends who have barely ridden. He hacks out alone or in groups. His easy going nature and lovely gaits makes him very trainable for all types of riders. Call Anna at 802-274-6289 for more info and videos. Relocated to Ocala, FL for the winter, price will increase with training and competitions. This horse is a MUST SEE in person, he’s too much of a gem to pass up.

Celtic Thunder. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


Celtic Thunder, aka “Fergus”: 4 y/o 16 and ½” hh, strikingly handsome steel grey gelding with a compact frame. He is in the midst of a growth spurt and suspect he may mature to 16.2 hands. Fergus has had extensive experience foxhunting in Ireland and was recently taken to one horse trial, during which he came in fourth in good competition. Fergus has also done several hunter trials very well. This horse can be a speedy high jumping quick turning machine, and never touched a rail in the 2 days I jumped him in Ireland, despite jumping him higher than he had in an arena before. When I tried him, it was getting dark out and I could barely see, yet he most certainly locked on to every single jump! He has been trained for one year at a very prominent equestrian center which holds tons of shows and events, and therefore he has been consistently schooled over “the real deal” types of xc and stadium jumps. He has a workmanlike attitude and is very sure footed. This horse had a whistle clean PPE including x rays. The report and x rays are available for you to view. Fergus was trailered for 2.5 hours into the place I was staying at for his PPE, behaved like a gentleman during his PPE in a strange place in the dark, and seemed to not have a care in the world about being in a new place. He also jumped around a course of jumps in an indoor arena at said place as if he had lived there his whole life. He is naturally good at dressage, and as such, he was the easiest horse of all the horses I rode in Ireland over 4 days to lengthen or shorten with, and on the double, even when there were fences in front of him. He has unusually good balance and strength for his age, and handles horrible footing in tight turns at speed like it is million dollar footing! He is truly the best athlete and most versatile 4 y/o horse I have ever sat on. 4 year olds are not supposed to be able to do what he can do in the manner in which he does it. Period. He jumps any fence at any distance for any reason at any time and is as honest as the day is long. He is about ¾ Irish Draught and ¼ TB, but his body looks to be more like the 50-50 ID/TB or 25-75 ID/TB type as he is quite refined. He is well bred and is out of Clonregan Clover (out of the TB Freeway) and is by WRS Elvis. He has excellent feet as well. I can’t say enough about this horse and he carried my Adult Amateur self around first experiences for him like he was a 12 y/o horse being ridden by a pro. His former owners felt that he would succeed the best at hunting or eventing, but I actually think he is sooooo talented in show jumping, that he could do best at that.

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