Friday Video From World Equestrian Brands: How Cool Is This Jump Safety Feature?

There is a huge movement within our sport to seek out ways to improve horse and rider safety, and nobody is putting more time, effort and brainpower into it than David O’Connor.

As chair of the FEI Risk Management Steering Group, he spoke earlier this week at the FEI Sports Forum 2017’s Eventing Risk Management Session along with Giuseppe Della Chiesa, chair of the FEI Eventing Committee, and Sam Watson and Diarm Byrne of EquiRatings. The session is well worth a watch and available on YouTube here in case you missed the live stream.

We just spotted this video The Horse Pesterer posted from Rocking Horse Spring H.T. a couple weeks back. In it David demonstrates an innovative cross country jump design he created, featuring a front lip created from blocks that give way upon impact. Very smart!