Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: THAT Le Lion Test!


We’re halfway through the World Championships for Small and Reckless Ones (um, six- and seven-year-olds) at Le Lion d’Angers, and we’re almost embarrassingly gleeful to see our very own Liz Halliday-Sharp atop the six-year-old leaderboard with the divine Cooley Moonshine. They posted a serious personal best of 22.4 to take the lead yesterday, and not only has no one passed them today, they’ve even managed to reign supreme with the best dressage score of the whole competition. Yes, that’s right, it was 2.6 whole marks better than the God of Germany and All Nations.

So what made the test so special (besides a 10 for the cession á la jambe gauche, obviously)? Check it out for yourself, and let me just gently remind you once again that this is a six-year-old. Six! Every six-year-old I’ve ever sat on has been as into eating mud as I was at the same age. We can’t all be child prodigies.