From Pony Glam: 6 Reasons You Should Own a Child Rider

Boyd circa 2013. Photo by Jeff Beshear. Boyd circa 2013. Photo by Jeff Beshear.

For any of you who have spent time riding ponies as a child, you can certainly appreciate the stepping stone that these little horses provided for your riding career. Pony Glam is a website dedicated to outfitting ponies and their riders with the latest crazes in pony fashion. They also have a blog section of their website, and they recently posted this adorable list, “6 Reasons Why You Should Own a Child Rider”. Written from a pony’s perspective, this list had me laughing and reminiscing all at once. Here are a few bullet points from the list:

  • 1. Treats. They always give you treats. They give you treats before they even get you out of the stall. They give you treats even if they fall off. They give you treats even when the mean boss-mare trainer says not to. And they don’t just give you boring apples, they will give you anything that is remotely edible, including half of their packed barn lunches on the weekends.  Who said horses don’t like goldfish?
  • 2.  Easy work load.  If left to their own devices, these child riders would opt for bareback gossip fests in the arena with their other pony friends every time. Practicing their sitting trots or doing “no-stirrup November” is thankfully lost on the child rider.  The best part is that when the trainer asks, “did you practice your transitions today?”, the little child rider nods her head “yes” when in reality the only thing practiced was seeing who could stand up on their pony’s bare back the longest at the trot.

Check out the full list here. Do you have anything to add to the list? Share it with us in the comments below.

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