From the PRO Blog: Clark Montgomery and Rebecca Howard at Gatcombe

Clark Montgomery and Universe. Photo by Jenni Autry. Clark Montgomery and Universe. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Clark Montgomery and Canada’s Rebecca Howard are busy training on the European circuit, and the PRO Blog has had a chance to catch up with these two as they begin their season in earnest.

Clark is aiming Loughan Glen and Universe for Badminton this year, and seems pleased with their preps so far. “Undeterred by hail, wind or rain, both horses jumped well out of the mud in the arena, and went steadily but easily and clear around the cross country, and now preparation can begin in earnest for the big one in May,” Samantha Clark wrote.

You can read all about Clark’s outing at Gatcombe on the PRO Blog here.

Rebecca Howard also had Riddle Master, or Rupert, out at Gatcombe, competing in the Intermediate combined test. Rupert is also headed to Badminton this year, and Rebecca told Samantha that Rupert was always a work in progress. “The horse has got super quality work, he has the ability to go in  and be up there with the best in the world  but he struggles with nerves in the arena and anticipation and then he overreacts to my aids. He’s a bit of a mission for me!” she told Samantha.

Catch up with Rebecca on the PRO Blog here.

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