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Peter Atkins bounces like a super ball.

After winning the heart and mind of a horse afraid of shadows then emerging from an extended legal battle in 2012, Peter Atkins broke his leg just before he was set to fly to the U.K. to compete at Badminton with hopes of impressing Australian national team selectors. The hardworking Australian came back to finish 10th at Rolex in 2013 with Henry Jota Hampton. Eventing’s helmet-cam pioneer, Peter’s ever-bouyant love for the sport and his partner, Henny, can be seen — and heard — on his videos. Peter is aiming for Badminton again this spring, where he hopes to impress the Australian WEG selectors. Keep track of them on Facebook. Run, Henny, run!

This week’s quote comes to us from reader, Lauren, who notes that it’s as appropriate for life in general as it is for eventing (where “bouncing” should officially be the third discipline).

The photo, by Jenni Autry, shows Peter and Henny bouncing through Red Hills in March.

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