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What are you wearing to Rolex?

Admit it. You’ve been thinking about it.

(It’s been keeping John up for months. And he only owns two T-shirts.)

This year, your amazing fashion powers can get you way more than nods in the funnel cake line (yeah, baby!), they can also get you a pair of Dubarrys!

Dubarry’s kicking off Eventing Nation’s Rolex contest extravaganza by giving away a pair of boots you’ll never want to kick off — even in August. Yes, people, the newest Dubes are low riders! And they are fine.

With leather like butta, Gore-Tex to shield your sweet soles from manure, beer or whatever life (or tailgating) throws your way, and that special Dubarry treatment that allows them to dry faster than any leather product known to man, the new Roscommon and Kerry Boots are perfect for Rolex.

But whatever should you wear with them?

Create your unique version of the Perfect Rolex Outfit, pin it to an online board of your choice and tag it with #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry of Ireland on Pinterest. Submit your Pin using this form. The public will begin voting on the top five entries on April 19.

You must use at least three Dubarry items in your ensemble and no, they don’t have to be the Roscommon or Kerry Boots. If those Galways won’t leave your feet until someone pries them off your cold, dead body, that’s cool. Pin ‘em.

This is what we’ve been waiting for EN, Project Runway with mud and Gore-Tex!

We know you can match your saddle pad and helmet cover (and stirrups and vest and gloves and watchband). Here’s a chance to bust out that eventing style and win a sweet pair of boots.

Check out the official rules and pin your Perfect Rolex Outfit by mid-day Friday, April 18.

Go eventing (in style)! Go Dubarry!

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