Hagyard Midsouth CCI* Jog Report

Whitney Mahloch and Military Mind, 1st place in the CCI* A division

All horses presented for the final horse inspection in the Hagyard Midsouth CCI* have been accepted. Only one horse, Tahiti Creek, ridden by Tasha Orr, was held but passed upon reinspection. It is quite a chilling day here at Kentucky Horse Park, and no sun is in sight. Many of the horses were feeling quite fresh this morning, but for the most part everyone was very well behaved. Show jumping commences at 11:30 local time, while the Preliminary and Training 3 Day divisions are preparing to begin cross country. The horse trials divisions also run cross country today, and the Beginner Novice and Novice divisons will ride dressage and show jump today as well. I must give major props to Whitney Mahloch, who suffered a slight shoe malfunction midway through her jog but recovered quite well!

Lauren Lambert and Opera Ghost, 2nd in the CCI* A

There are what seems like a million Canadian riders competing in the CCI* division this weekend, and they all seem to be in great spirits and happy to be here – possibly also enjoying the “warm” weather here in the Midwest!

Sydney Hagaman and Diablo Tejano, 1st place in the CCI* B

Thus far the event organizers have been more than welcoming, and from what I have seen so far everyone seems well accommodated and cheery. Stay tuned for more updates. I am writing from my car, as it seems to be the one place warm enough to properly use my hands to type!

Kelly Taylor and Kynymont Indelibly Irish, 2nd in the CCI* B

I will post more photos from the jog later this evening, so keep your eyes open for that! Until then, Go Eventing and Go Midsouth!

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