Michael Pollard and Lynn Symansky Take Eventing Fitness to a New Level


The Pollard Event Team shows off their Crossfit kicks. Photo from the Pollard Eventing Facebook page.

Pollard Eventing is currently settling in overseas in preparation for the Pau CCI4* event next weekend. Michael and his team have popularized the fitness regime of Crossfit and seem to always be busting through to new levels of insane fitness. Side note, have you looked into exactly what Crossfit entails? I have a few close friends who do it and I tip my hat – I’ll go play in the hot tub while you folks do your thing!

Meanwhile, Michael ensures that he does not miss a workout, even in France!

No weights? Feed bags work just fine! Photo from the Pollard Eventing Facebook page.

We have all heard that improvisation is one of the best ways to improve your problem solving skills – here Michael demonstrates that a lack of weight room is simply no excuse for meeting your fitness goals. Word is that the team did not show this photo to Mensa, as he would have been more than a little upset at the sight of his dinner being used in such frivolous ways.

We think he is ready to move up to Prelim, what do you think? Photo from Alison Wilaby's Facebook page.

No one ever said that eventers did not fully empathize with the tasks we ask our horses to do each day. Michael Pollard and Lynn Symansky undertook a grueling high jump competition this week, and it appears that both Michael and Lynn are fully prepared to move up a level in no time. Unfortunately, photos were not available of any cross country schools that may have been attempted – something tells me it may not have been as pretty.

Lynn Symansky shows off her vertical skills. Photo from Alison Wilaby's Facebook page.

Donner may have snorted with derision at the sight of Lynn attempting this tricky vertical on her own, however I applaud her for getting to the middle of the jump and keeping her body position flawless!



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