Hamish Cargill Bids Farewell to Sandhills Tiger

Hamish Cargill and Sandhills Tiget at Rolex. Photo by Samantha Clark.

Hamish Cargill and Sandhills Tiget at Rolex. Photo by Samantha Clark.

Friend of EN Hamish Cargill’s veteran partner, Sandhills Tiger, has been euthanized due to organ failure, An Eventful Life reported yesterday. Tiger, who was 18 at the time of his death, was under the care of Agnes Banks Equine Center in Sydney, Australia, during his final hours.

Hamish posted a lovely tribute to his partner, who carried him around the world to contest Rolex Kentucky as well as Burghley in 2011, much to the delight of the pair’s loyal fan base worldwide. Tiger was still out competing at the lower levels, happily living out his retirement.

“Tiger wasn’t an easy horse. He could be a fiery Thoroughbred, with a stubborn streak that often showed itself at the worst times. Left half-pass was our Achilles heel for many years — not because he couldn’t do it amazingly, but because it presented him with an amazing opportunity to be a prat,” Hamish wrote on An Eventful Life.

“He could be in the midst of the most beautiful and balanced movement and hit the anchors so fast you almost went over his ears. For a while there he introduced it as his signature move, and quite fittingly reintroduced it on the biggest stage at his last international event at Burghley in 2011.”

You may recall Hamish and Tiger’s adventures, as Hamish spent much time chronicling them here on EN in the heyday of their partnership together. We will always remember Hamish’s good sense of humor about Tiger’s tenacity as a competitor.

You can remininsce about your favorite Hamish and Tiger memories by checking out previous EN articles here. The EN team extends its sympathies to Hamish, and we’ll never forget Sandhills Tiger and all of the memories he gave us over the years.

Rest in peace, Tiger.

[Remembering Sandhills Tiger]

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