Harry Meade Reflects on WEG, Team Great Britain at Burghley

After a WEG experience that ended with both tragedy and triumph for Great Britain, Harry Meade spoke candidly at Burghley to reflect on his weekend. Sadly, Harry lost his horse, Wild Lone, to what he suspects was a heart attack, after completing the cross country at WEG. While Great Britain went on to secure team gold, Harry naturally found the weekend to be quite bittersweet.

Having overcome many obstacles to get to WEG, including suffering an injury that doctors said should have ended his riding career, the loss of Wild Lone comes as even more of a heartbreak. Harry has stayed focused and positive, though, saying that he was thrilled to have been a part of the silver medal winning team despite the outcome of his personal weekend.

Together, Harry and Wild Lone enjoyed a career spanning several years which included several four-star completions and a third place finish at Badminton this year. “He was one to easily slip under the radar, but he just did the job,” Harry said in his interview. “He was unflappable. If they made five-star events, he would’ve been the first to have flown around them.”

Rest in peace, Wild Lone.

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