Have Big Goals This Season? Enter to Win Hylofit’s Next Top Amateur Contest

Are you Hylofit’s Next Top Amateur? Photo by Jenni Autry.

By now you’re familiar with Hylofit, the heart-rate monitor for both horses and humans that provides real-time data directly to your phone. Numerous top riders have started integrating this technology into their training, but the true beauty of Hylofit is it’s a system for all event riders, including amateurs competing at the lower levels.

Tracking your horse’s working heart rate over time, as well as how fast he recovers after rides, can provide a valuable indication of fitness. You can also use Hylofit to track your horse’s resting heart rate; while not an indicator of fitness, an unusually elevated heart rate can indicate medical problems that might require veterinary attention.

Are you an amateur event rider with a big goal you want to accomplish this season? Are you aiming for the American Eventing Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park? A classic three-day event? Your first FEI competition? A win in your Area Championships? Moving up a level? Enter to win Hylofit’s Next Top Amateur Contest!

EN is teaming up with Hylofit to give away the Hylofit System to one lucky reader. To enter to win, we want to know how using Hylofit would help you achieve a big season-end goal. Send a photo of you and your horse along with your story to [email protected]. (There is no suggested word length, but we’re huge nerds when it comes to fitness, so please feel free to be loquacious.)

Entries are due Friday, May 24. EN and Hylofit will choose a winner, who will receive the Hylofit System and a lifetime subscription plan. The winner’s essay will be published on EN, and the winner will be invited to contribute guest posts throughout the rest of the year so we can follow along with the journey. We will also select a group of finalists, all of whom will receive a discount code to purchase Hylofit.

Click here to read more about how using Hylofit can up your fitness game. Want to learn more about using a heart-rate monitor? EN has a handy guide here. You can also sign up here to receive updates and tips from Hylofit on how to make the most of your conditioning and training work at any level. Good luck to all! Go Amateurs. Go Eventing.