How Do You Fly 60 Horses from Belgium to China?

We all know that there are a ton of logistics to handle when it comes to shipping horses overseas. From travel itineraries to health concerns, every detail is managed and looked after when a horse has a flight booked. FedEx is one such company that handles shipment of horses, and this great promo spot gives you a look into the management of 60 show jumpers shipping to competition in China.

One of the big equine transportation companies well-known in the eventing world, The Dutta Corp, often uses FedEx as its carrier when handling overseas travel for horses. In an interview with NPR leading up to the 2012 Olympics in London, CEO Tim Dutta explained that flying 50 or more horses to Europe was definitely no easy task.

“Most horses, I anticipate, will be going from Newark airport in New Jersey to Stanstead, in England. We’ll be flying on an MD-11, and the carrier, we expect, is going to be Federal Express,” he told NPR.

Tim also commented on the way the horses deal with traveling, as they are sensitive animals who prefer a routine. “Most horses that travel around the world are used to it. They are just like a frequent traveler at any airport; they know what is going on,” Dutta said to NPR. “But even though they are superstars, we do have some horses that do not like to travel, that are worriers — that worry about the noise, or the sound, or the pressure.”

You can read much more from Tim Dutta’s NPR interview here.

We definitely appreciate the steps that companies such as Dutta Corp and FedEx have taken to ensure the well-being of such precious cargo. We can rest easy knowing that our horses will be well taken care of on an international trip, thanks in large part to these two companies!


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