How to Adopt Your New Mustang Event Prospect

Elisa Wallace and Hwin, who has competed through the Prelim level. Photo by Pam Doughty.

We love Mustang success stories here at EN. Trainability, intelligence, toughness, versatility, heart … they’re the total package, and if you can get your hands on a good one they’ll give you everything they’ve got. The next Hwin is out there, just waiting to be discovered!

Elisa Wallace and Hwin. Photo courtesy of Elisa Wallace.

So cool.

Check out the Mustang Sport Horses & Ponies Facebook page to see what equestrians from around the country are up to with their adopted mounts.

Love this recent photo from Utah eventer Meghan de Bruijn:

2003 Cedar Mountain mustang

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Thinking about taking the plunge? The Bureau of Land Management is preparing to hold its October Internet Adoption/Sale, featuring Mustangs available from Honor Farm, WY; Mantle Ranch, WY; Burns, OR; Palomino Valley, NV; Fallon, NV; Florence, AZ; Delta, UT; and Ewing, IL. Optional Eastern pickups are Ewing, IL (by appt); Ocala, FL (Jan 26) and Lebanon, TN (Feb 16).

Check out a gallery of the available Mustangs here. I have a serious crush on this 6-year-old, 15-hand mare in Hines, OR. Her face is so pretty …

Photo courtesy of the BLM.

… and how about her spring-loaded trot?

Photo courtesy of the BLM.

The auction runs Oct. 31 and through Nov. 14, and applications must be submitted between Oct. 23 until Nov. 10. You may submit a maximum proxy bid of $2,000 over the current bid.

Learn more by visiting the BLM Adopt-a-Horse page here.