How to Watch NBC’s Land Rover Kentucky Recap Today!

If you still can’t get enough Kentucky (and we won’t blame you if you can’t!), you’ll want to set your DVR or tune in live for the annual NBC recap show at 12:30 p.m. EST today. If you have NBC or a streaming service carrying NBC, you’ll be able to tune in for the recap which also features highlights, interviews and all the excitement condensed into an hour-long show.

Don’t forget: NBC and NBC Sports will be the carrying network for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. We can help ensure that equestrian events are shown on NBC’s programming schedule by watching this and other equestrian events on the channel now – your support matters!

Wanting to catch the whole replays? I certainly know I’m spending some time rewatching what I missed this weekend! You can do so on USEF Network’s on-demand page here.