Is Nicola Wilson’s Bramham Save the Best of the Year?

The Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials delivered a nail-biting day of cross country yesterday in West Yorkshire, England. Forty-three of the 66 starters in the CCI3* jumped clear rounds over Ian Stark’s beefy track to give us a 65% clear rate, and there proved to be plenty of drama spread throughout the course.

The most dramatic moment by far came when Nicola Wilson and One Two Many very nearly parted ways at fence 21B, the first brush in the Womble Bond Dickinson Pond. Here’s a jaw-dropping photo-by-photo replay of the save courtesy of good friend of EN Nico Morgan:

How on earth did Nicola stay on? You can watch the save on video below if you skip ahead to the 2 hour, 32 minute marker. The reactions of commentators Spencer Sturmey and Franky Reid-Warrilow are priceless!

Nicola ultimately elected to retire One Two Many on course, but the save is still massively impressive nonetheless. Be sure to like Nico Morgan’s Facebook page to see more amazing photos from Bramham and events all throughout the UK.

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