Jersey Fresh CCI3*/CCI2* Cross Country Live Updates

Good morning from cross country day at the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event! After doing a rain dance all week, we certainly got what we asked for: rain fell overnight and heavily throughout the morning here in Allentown, New Jersey.

Skies are just starting to clear now as we count down to the start of CCI2* cross country at 8:30 a.m. EST. CCI3* cross country is scheduled to start at 10:06 a.m. EST, followed by CIC3* cross country at 12:06 p.m. EST, and CIC2* cross country at 2:35 p.m. EST.

There is no live stream or radio feed for cross country, but EN will be running live updates for both the CCI2* and CCI3*, as well as the CIC3* in the afternoon. Keep refreshing this post for CCI updates. I run these updates live on course from my phone, so please bear with me as I battle the elements and spotty reception.

Looking at the forecast, we should have dry skies for most of the day following this morning’s downpour, though severe thunderstorms are currently predicted for late in the afternoon and could impact the tail end of the CIC2* division.

Click here for cross country start times. Follow live scoring here. Click here for a fence-by-fence preview of Capt. Mark Phillips’ CCI3* course. Boyd Martin leads both CCI divisions with two first-timers at the levels, so he has his work cut out for him today. Click here to catch up on all of EN’s #JFI3DE coverage so far.

We wish safe trips for all! Go Eventing.

Boyd Martin and On Cue jumped clear and inside the time to hold the CCI2* lead. Photo by Jenni Autry.

CCI2* Updates

8:38: Our CCI2* pathfinders Tim Bourke and Quality Time are home clear and 32 seconds inside the  optimum time of 8 minutes, 32 seconds. Go Ireland! ????????

8:42: Alyssa Peterson comes home in 8 minutes and 19 seconds with Stormin’ Truth — our second pair out also catch the time!

8:57: Clear and 8.4 time penalties for Jill Thomas and OBOS Darko.

8:50: Clear and 2.4 time penalties for Cassandra Wallskog and Feine Loesung.

8:52: Clear and home in a time of 8 minutes, 11 seconds for Colleen Rutledge and Confidence Game — our third inside the time.

8:56: Clear and nine seconds inside the time for Arielle Aharoni and Dutch Times — our fourth double clear.

8:58: Allison Springer and Business Ben complete clear and inside the time by 9 seconds.

9:02: Clear and 25 seconds inside the time for Annelise Aurillo and Rasher, our sixth to catch the time.

9:05: Alex MacLeod and Newmarket Jack complete two seconds over the time to add 0.8 penalties.

9:08: Clear and four seconds inside the time for Mia Farley and BGS Firecracker — love this fiesty little mare!

9:10: Alex Reed and On Broadway complete in a time of 8 minutes, 19 seconds — our eighth to make the time.

9:13: Overnight leaders Boyd Martin and On Cue complete in 8:19 to hold the lead on their dressage score.

9:17: Clear and 11 seconds inside the time for Caroline Martin and Jump Jet to hold second place overnight — our 10th inside the time.

9:20: Clear with 10.8 time penalties for Melissa Miller-Slusser and Emilion to One.

9:22: Alex Tett picked up 20 penalties at 7C when she circled in the water at the Jersey Shore and then another 20 at fence 8. She has retired Hawk’s Cay.

9:23: Clear with 4 time penalties for Allie Knowles and Casarino.

9:26: Leslie Law completes clear and five seconds over the time with Cutty Sark.

9:32: Bobby Meyerhoff and Almanac complete clear with 5.2 time penalties as our final pair in the CCI2*.

Boyd Martin and Long Island T. Photo by Jenni Autry.

CCI3* Updates

9:38: We just wrapped up CCI2* cross country. CCI3* cross country is set to start at 10:06 a.m. EST.

10:13: Nilson Moreira da Silva, the first on course, has retired Lady Colina after two runouts at 9B, the first of the skinnies at the Jersey Shore.

10:25: Clear with 8.4 time penalties for Caroline Martin and Islandwood Captain Jack.

10:27: Cornelia Dorr has retired Sir Patico MH after two runouts at 9C, the second of the skinnies, in the Jersey Shore.

10:28: Boyd Martin and Ray Price jump clear and add 10 time penalties.

10:32: Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti complete clear with 22 time penalties.

10:40: Clear with 20.4 time penalties for Chris Talley and Unmarked Bills.

10:41: Clear with 9.6 time penalties for Zoe Crawford and K.E.C. Zara, our fastest of the CCI3* so far.

10:40: Waylon Roberts and Lancaster completed with 20 jumping penalties and 20.8 time penalties.

10:43: A runout at fence 13 for Whitney Mahloch and Military Mind, the corner after the down bank.

10:46: Lynn Symansky and RF Cool Play complete clear with 11.2 time penalties.

10:48: Whitney Mahloch has been eliminated on refusals at fence 29B, the corner at the Jersey Shore.

10:52: Nilson Moreira da Silva has retired Cash after two runouts at the corner combination at fence 7.

10:53: Hawley Bennett-Awad and Jollybo are home clear with 7.6 time penalties, our fastest of the day!

10:54: Jessica Phoenix and Dr. Sheldon Cooper pick up a runout at 9C, the second of the skinnies at the Jersey Shore, and elected to retire.

10:56: Karl Slezak and Fernhill Wishes complete clear with 27.2 time penalties.

11:01: Buck Davidson and Archie Rocks complete clear with 6.4 time penalties, fastest of the day!

11:03: Liz Stewart and Elusive picked up two runouts at 9 at the Jersey Shore. Those skinnies are causing their fair share of trouble.

11:05: Leslie Law and Voltaire de Tre complete with 15.6 time penalties.

11:06: Autumn Schweiss and Oakport Strauss pick up a runout at 9 at the Jersey Shore.

11:09: Liz Stewart has unfortunately fallen at fence 20 when Elusive hung a leg jumping over the log into the water. She is up and OK.

11:13: Clear with 16.4 time penalties for Jacob Fletcher and Atlantic Domino.

11:17: Ashley Kehoe and Kiltealy Toss Up complete clear with 24 time penalties.

11:23: Alexis Helfrich and London Town complete clear with 30.4 time penalties.

11:25: Ellie MacPhail O’Neal has retired RF Eloquence between fences 26 and 27. They are walking home and the horse is OK.

11:29: Cornelia Dorr and Louis M complete clear with 10.4 time penalties.

11:31: Nilson Moreira da Silva and Magnum’s Martini complete clear with 5.6 time penalties — fastest of the day!

11:35: Clear with 10.8 time penalties for Boyd Martin and Long Island T to keep their lead!

11:37: Jessica Phoenix and Bogue Sound complete clear with 18.4 time penalties as our final pair to go in the CCI3*.

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