Jersey Fresh CCI3* dressage today

With Badminton finishing on Monday and Jersey starting today, this week has flown by on Eventing Nation.  We now turn our attention to the land of angry drivers, potholes, and mandatory full service gas stations.  

CCI3* dressage starts today at 1:30 Jersey time: *Live ScoresResults, Event Schedule

Jog: word is that Diana and Wild T’Mater were spun from the CCI3* jog and Inmidair had to represent twice.
UpdatePhillip’s blog explains that he scratched Connaught from Jersey “as he was not quite right.”  Phillip still has TruLuck in the CIC3* and Jan Byyny’s Inmidair in the CCI3*.  Best of luck to Phillip and all the TPF crew at Jersey.
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