Jock Paget: ‘I’m Not a Doper’

Jock Paget and Clifton Promise at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Jock Paget and the Clifton Eventers team have been noticeably silent in recent weeks after their lawyers advised them to cease from making public statements while the world awaits the results of the B sample from Clifton Promise. But Jock just gave an exclusive interview to New Zealand’s OneNews, and he’s still firmly maintaining his innocence.

Clifton Eventers posted on Facebook earlier this month that the FEI’s analysis of the B sample would take place in mid-November, “with the results notified to (Equestrian Sports New Zealand) and the rider in due course.” Considering we’re a few days past the middle of the month now, we could be hearing the results from the B sample any day.

The FEI last updated the case status for both horses and suspensions on Nov. 14, and the new documents contain no new news on Jock, nor Kevin McNab and Clifton Pinot, who also face the same accusations. So we continue to wait.

Jock’s notable quotes from the OneNews interview:

“I know I’ve done nothing wrong here, and we’re working with a team of lawyers and scientists, and they know the hoops I have to jump through, and we’re going to put together a case and prove it.”

“It takes a lot of work — good horses and good training — and when something like this happens, it does challenge your integrity, not only as a trainer and a rider but as a person; it’s devastating to have this happen.”

So you can assure the New Zealand public that this isn’t going to turn into a Lance Armstrong-style doping scandal?

“I don’t think I’m that clever. I’m not a doper. I didn’t dope this horse, and eventually, everyone is going to learn that.”

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