Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

(Except the one banned from racing for 10 years)

[Lingfield Park]

What’s wrong with this promo poster for British track Lingfield Park’s Flat Jockeys Handicap Hurdle Race? (Besides the jockey’s  creepy expressions.)  One of them’s  facing a pretty serious handicap indeed. Eddie Ahern’s been banned from racing for horse fixing for 10 years — one of the longest penalties ever doled out by the British Horseracing Authority. Horse & Hound busted them for the mix-up. The posterboy fail is reminiscent of the WEG poster featuring endurance rider Ali Al Muhairi, who is currently banned from his sport for four years for doping.


Hot Toddy. Mark Todd’s aiming for his 7th Olympics, though he regrets being too tall for the homestretch. “”I’ve always been very keen on racing and I was sort of a frustrated jockey – I grew up too big,” he told the Yorkshire Post. [YorkshirePost]

Teenaged hunter shoots Shetland. A crew of kiddies in Vermont will not be getting riding lessons for Christmas, as  Ladybug, a lesson pony, was shot and killed by a 14-year-old hunter. [Rutlandherald] Horse Nation offers a few tips on keeping your horse safe. [HN]

African horse sickness studied in… you guessed it — Africa. Researchers completed a investigation of viruses including African horse sickness and hoof and mouth disease in Ethiopia that has the potential to improve strategies for controlling and fighting diseases like these (and camel pox! ick!). [horsetalk.co.nz]

What’s your type? Horse&Hound gives us “6 types of event horse you’ll find at every horse trial,” including “the amateur’s dream,” “the wannabe dressage horse,” and  “the mad one.” [H&H]

 “Savor the beauty of lush Dressage.” Nope, not an ad for drunken pas de deux, this is a headline in a story about a new luxury enclave of “estate homes” in Canada. The 4,000 square-foot homes lack equine extras (in fact, “horse” is not mentioned at all), but do include “breathtaking spiral staircases” and “floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces.” [Calgary Sun]

SmartPak Product of the Day:  Lube it up for happier sessions. Clipping sessions, people, get your minds out of the gutter! Each spritz of Oster Kool Lube is an investment in the life of your blades. This stuff cools off your clipper blades while you’re sculpting your horse’s winter ‘do, and prolongs the life of blades if you spray a bit on them when you’re finished. Plus, because it doesn’t contain scary CFCs, it won’t deplete the ozone layer, just help deplete your horse’s woolly mammoth layer.

Video of the Day: Clipped cuteness in Germany, complete with ewok ears and shaggy legwarmer  legs.



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