Leahona Rowland Starts Fundraiser to Purchase Glencento

Jordan McDonald at Bromont in 2013. Photo by Jenni Autry. Jordan McDonald at Bromont in 2013. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Glencento is a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse that caught Jordan McDonald’s eye in the catalogue for the Goresbridge Go for Gold sale as a four-year-old. The mare was brought back to Canada, where she and Jordan quickly formed a strong bond.

Since Jordan’s passing, friend of the family Leahona Rowland has been working with the talented mare, who previously competed to the CCI2* level. Leahona has obtained Shandiss’ blessing to pursue the purchase of Glencento, a cause near and dear to the family’s heart as it would be meaningful to keep “Gwen” with a friend and fellow Canadian.

On an IndieGoGo page that has been set up, Shandiss posted the following statement:

“Jordan first saw Gwen as a five year old in an online catalogue from the Goresbridge Go for Gold sale in Ireland. He recognized her potential immediately.  We were fortunate enough to make the trip to Ireland and bring her back to Canada. From the very beginning Jordan and Gwen just understood each other.

Through shared admiration, trust and respect they saw many successes together. Jordan and Gwen had a special partnership and it’s been amazing to see that same bond starting to form between Gwen and Leahona.

Leahona is a talented, compassionate rider and I know she will be able to showcase Gwen’s abilities enabling them to reach the top level of the sport.

Leahona has always been such a good friend to Jordan and me and I would love nothing more than to see her accomplish her goals in partnership with a horse that is so special. For me, this would be like keeping Gwen in the family.”

Leahona was longlisted for the Canadian National Team in 2013 and has successfully competed through the CCI2* level. “I have had the opportunity to get to know this special mare over the last few months,” Leahona posted on the IndieGoGo page. “Although it has been a very challenging few months mentally and emotionally for everyone involved, being able to work with a horse that was so important to Jordan has been an amazing experience.”

Leahona hopes to work with Gwen to unleash the talented mare’s full potential, and she’s asking for support to make this partnership a reality. You can check out the fundraising page on IndieGoGo here.


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