Jumper Nation is Seeking Video Submissions: Go Jumping With Top Riders Erynn Ballard, Doug Payne, Sloane Coles, and Jimmy Wofford

Graphic courtesy of Jumper Nation.

EN’s sister site, Jumper Nation, is excited to announce a new series called “Go Jumping With _____” with top riders from around the world. The basic model is that juniors and amateurs submit a show video and then top trainers record a voice-over with commentary on their round. It is a sort of variation on the Practical Horseman column that George Morris used to write, except that it will be in video and audio form.

We are thrilled to have four amazing trainers already on board – Erynn Ballard, Doug Payne, Sloane Coles, and Jimmy Wofford – to do these video reviews, and we are looking forward to adding more great trainers to the lineup in the coming weeks.

But for this series to happen, we need help from you– our readers! We need our readers to submit videos for review. Would you like Erynn or Sloane to review your show rounds? Do you want Doug or Jimmy to give you constructive criticism on your position and style? This is a wonderful (and free!) opportunity to get feedback, and also to help educate others who will get to watch your video with a voiceover on our site.

If you’re interested, please submit your videos here. Any format is fine, but please be sure the quality is clear and you are jumping a full round (hunters, equitation, jumpers, or even an eventing show jumping round is fine). If your video is selected for review, we will notify you via email.

Go Jumping!