Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Heavenly Hell Week with Wofford

Oh my god, guys, it’s still January. I honestly feel like this is the 847th Wednesday video I’ve posted in 2021, but yet here we are, still in the slowest and sludgiest month of the year. I have had. enough.

Fortunately for me – okay, okay, and for you, too! – there’s still a chance to turn this around. January is wholly uninspiring and a bit bleak, unless of course you’ve escaped to Florida or Spain (which, like, maybe you should think carefully about with this whole pandemic thing) – but it doesn’t have to be. Hell Week is a much-loved tradition at Sharon White‘s Last Frontier Farm, where riders spend five days submitting to torture in the name of education under the watchful eye of the legendary Jimmy Wofford.

“This is Jimmy Wofford all the way. Hell week is his thing. I’ve done it with him the past four years. This is the first year I’ve done it on my own. Each year it has helped me so much with my position and the ability to know you can sit on a horse and do just about anything,” Sharon says.

A global pandemic might put a stop to a lot of our fun, but it certainly doesn’t put a stop to education – and this year, you can join in with a seriously education Woff lecture that’ll inspire you to get moving once again and be the best rider you can be. And those hours you put in now? They’ll pay dividends once we’re all released back into the real world.

Go Eventing (soon…)!

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