Tiny George Morris Is Kicking Butts & Taking Names

Have you checked out Eventing Nation’s hot-off-the-presses new sister site Jumper Nation yet? If not, you should — here’s a sampling of what we’ve got going on over there. The hunter/jumper world has some “insanity in the middle” too, you know. Exhibit A….

Riders, watch your back! An eight-inch talking action figure is stealing the show this week at two different winter circuits. Tiny George Morris has been sighted barking commands at everyone within earshot at both HITS Thermal and WEF, with his “Elf on the Shelf”-style antics cropping up on social media.

Check it out:

You don’t ride well enough to yawn. I can yawn because I ride better than you.

A photo posted by George Morris (@georgemorrisdoingthings) on

Up two and a little wider. #georgeatthermal #hitsthermal A photo posted by @misssteimle on

Always on the move. #georgeatthermal #hitsthermal

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#georgeatthermal #hitsthermal A photo posted by @misssteimle on

George practices balance at Thermal. #georgeatthermal #hitsthermal

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Break your ankles or I’ll break them for you. #heelsdown A photo posted by George Morris (@georgemorrisdoingthings) on

Where can I find some talent around here? #bueller #wherethehorsesat #traineveryday #perfectpracticeistheonlypractice #WEF2016 A photo posted by George Morris (@georgemorrisdoingthings) on

What do you suppose life-sized George Morris thinks about all this business?

The man, the myth… #legend #georgemorris #WEF2016 #wefchallengecup

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At least Beezie Madden is a fan!

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