Just 4 Horses We’re Crushing On at This Year’s Goresbridge ‘Go for Gold’ Select Event Horse Sale

It’s quickly approaching Goresbridge “Go for Gold” season and as we do each year we’re busy window-shopping for who we’d most like to buy at the popular Irish event horse sale. In fact, our wishlist helped connect Florida-based Crissa Gillette and EPA Wildfire during the 2020 sale.

This year’s Go for Gold sale will return with in-person attendance after being held fully online in 2020. On November 15 and 16, a select catalog of 81 horses that have been specially selected by an experienced panel of horsemen and women will be made available via both in-person and online bidding. The best part about the Goresbridge sale format is that the full catalog, along with x-rays and videos of each horse, is available online in the weeks leading up to the actual event. Then, the day before the sale commences each horse is ridden before the attendees as a full preview.

You can learn more about the Goresbridge Go for Gold sale, preview the catalog, and sign up to place your bid here.

This year’s lot is just teeming with quality horses — truth be told I could probably write four more wishlists to include all of the delightful young horses I’ve seen. I’ve included a few of our initial favorites in the list below.

The horses selected for this wishlist were picked by the EN team and are in no way reflective of any preference on the part of the sale or selectors.

Lot 10: Carrickview Charisma
Singular La Silla – Penhaligen Carmen, by Cavalier Royale – 4 year old gelding

Lot 11: EPA Elegance
Wido – Miss Courcel, by Dow Jones Courcel – 4 years old – 16.3 hands

Lot 51: MBF Senorita
Ramiro B – Beca, by Fines – 3 years old – 16 hands

Lot 69: MBF Kingsriver Romeo
Womanizer – Soraja, by Sandro Hit – 3 years old – 16.2 hands