Just a Few More London 52 Antics to Brighten Your Day

Winter naughties are in full swing as event horses the world over begin to emerge from their holidays. We’re always kept entertained here at EN by the everlasting antics of Tokyo gold medalist London 52, who keeps partner Laura Collett on her toes (well, hopefully not anyway — have you seen the girl’s seat?) during the first jump schools of a new season. Let’s catch up with what London 52’s been up to this week:

First, a lesson with top show jumper Jay Halim, who’s advice is to “stop laughing at him” (we’re trying, Jay, we’re trying):

And a couple of other bucking parties, along with some memories from past seasons (hint: London 52’s seasons always start the same way!):

Good times and as always, well sat Laura! We’re guessing there aren’t many dull moments to be found on her yard.

Go Eventing.