Your Turn: What’s Your Best Advice for a First Time Trip South for Winter Training?

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

The Ocala and Aiken migration is well underway, and many eventers are high-tailing it south for warmer temperatures and the opportunity to get a jump start on prep for the upcoming season. For many amateur riders, a trip to Aiken or Ocala is a major bucket list item — but it can be tricky to pull off without the right planning. After all, it’s hard to pack up and leave (with your horse!) when you have a family, a job, other horses, clients, or anything other semblance of a busy life.

Whether it be for a long weekend or a few months, a trip south can be a memorable one that also makes a difference by providing opportunity to focus on and enjoy your horse. If you haven’t made the trek yourself, there are a lot of questions to answer and the process can be overwhelming.

So we’re tapping into the think tank that is our EN community. We want to know: what’s your best advice for a first-timer heading south this winter?

Use the form below or click here to send us your response. We’ll select some responses to gather into a story coming later! You can also post your advice as a comment on this post or on social media.