Last Day to Compete in the ‘Would Rather Be at a Horse Show Virtual 5k/10k’

Photo courtesy of Jess Halliday.

In this week’s edition of “What’s Happening This Spring?” we spotlighted the Would Rather Be at a Horse Show Virtual 5k/10k taking place this weekend via Baile Hill Farm in Sutton, MA. The concept, as explained by organizer Jess Halliday:

“While COVID is keeping us from horse showing (and many of us from even riding) we encourage you all to stay in some sort of shape so when we get through this pandemic we will be on our game for the horse shows. So whether you walk, run, waddle, crawl, WHATEVER — find a way to get to that finish line.

“This is a virtual race (but really we are not speed racers here!). Participants can be riders or not! Open to ALL and ALL ages! Participants will choose to run either the 5k or 10k (or enter both!). Participants will complete their “race” on their own route (SOCIAL DISTANCED!) between 5/1 to 5/3. You pick when you are going to run. Participants MUST email secretary (Jess at [email protected]) with a screen shot of a run app (Runkeeper or anything or the like) that shows your mileage and your time. Doggos are encouraged to participate. Costumes or spirit attire (maybe your horse show gear!) is encouraged! Participants can submit a photo as well. We do not care how slow you are, we just encourage you to get out there!”

Plus prizes! The race is currently prize sponsored by New Balance, SmartPak, Purina, and Buck Off Cancer with more adding to the list as they go. There are awards for 5k Female, 5k Male, 10k Female, 10k Male, Goodest Boy-Dog awards, Spirit Awards and even Turtle Steps for those who enjoy “racing” at a more leisurely pace. We’ll look forward to putting those subjective categories to a reader vote to decide the winner right here on EN this week! All finishers will receive a medal.

Two days in with one day to go, we hear that participants are having an absolute blast — and really bringing it on the costume front as well. There have been 70 entries from around the U.S. and even Germany.

“We are SO impressed with people’s effort and all the participants seem to be so excited to get out, have some encouragement, and more!,” Jess says.

If you still wish to enter, please get your entries/results in by 8 p.m. EST tonight. The cost is $20 plus a $15 late fee — you can enter via STRIDER here. Proceeds beyond the cost of prizes/advertising will be split 50/50 between the Baile Hill Farm lesson horses who due to MA mandate cannot currently earn their keep and The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care.

Jess says she envisions the virtual race as a series with year end points and awards. “I mean, I know I seriously miss neck ribbons…,” she says.

“We so miss eventing and can’t wait to be back but in the meantime we are happy to help provide a fun, active way to get the community together,” Jess says.

A fun video by Nick Hinze and Tracy Hinze:

Go Eventing.