Leslie Law and Tout de Suite Win Poplar CIC3*, Jordan Linstedt Wins Advanced

Leslie Law and Tout de Suite. Photo courtesy of Randy Traynor. Leslie Law and Tout de Suite. Photo courtesy of Randy Traynor.

Leslie Law and Tout de Suite showed us all how it’s done in the CIC3* at Poplar Place today, taking their time but still coming home with enough in hand to clinch the win after cross country. The rain came down hard last night and today, so most participants planned to take it a bit easier around Tremaine Cooper’s course, but Leslie’s 14.4 time penalties were still low enough to keep them in a hefty lead. This pair finished on a final score of 54.5 for a great finish to the gelding’s first CIC3*.

Elinor MacPhail retained her second placed position aboard Rolex-bound RF Eloquence, accumulating 9.6 time for a final weekend score of 64.6. Elinor will head to North Carolina next for The Fork, where RF Eloquence is entered in the Advanced division as a final Rolex prep run.

Those who did put the pedal to the metal a bit more were rewarded with some jumps up the board. Sara Kozumplik Murphy and Fly Me Courageous moved up from seventh to third with one of the quicker rounds of the division, picking up 4.8 time penalties.

Nilson Moreira da Silva and Muggle also were able to move up from ninth to fourth with the second fastest ride of the day, accumulating 3.6 time penalties for a total of 67.2 for the weekend.

Cody Sturgess and Imperial Melody, who are also on the Rolex path, recorded the only double clear run of the day and were bumped from 14th to finish seventh on the weekend. 

Justine Dutton had a scary moment with Jollybo, with whom she was in sixth after show jumping, taking a tumble at a bounce bank. We’re happy to report that both Justine and Jollybo will be back to fight another day, which is a big relief.

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Jordan Linstedt reported on her Facebook page prior to cross country that she was planning to be careful on cross country today, and she came home with 10.4 time penalties, still good enough to take home the Advanced win. She and RevitaVet Capato are scheduled to make their final prep for Kentucky in the CIC3* at The Fork, so she’ll be pleased with the results this weekend as they gain momentum for Capato’s CCI4* debut.

Sara Kozumplik Murphy also had a great weekend with Catchascatchcan, remaining in second position after picking up 12.8 time on cross country for a final score of 48.7. Sara will also head to The Fork next, where she’s got Catchascatchcan entered in the Advanced, Fly Me Courageous in the CIC3*, and Sebastian in the CIC*.

Libby Head continued her successful weekend with a third place finish aboard her OTTB, Sir Rockstar. Libby and Rocky had the second fastest time in the division with 10 time penalties for a total of 49.5 for the weekend.

We’ll be updating this post later on today with photos from today’s action. Thank you to the Poplar Place organizers and photographers for keeping us informed this weekend!

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