Let’s Discuss: Do You Have a ‘Type’?

Photos courtesy of Barrett Diehl. 2006 on left: photographer unknown. 2018 on right: High Time Photography.

Just as some people date the same “type” over and over again, some eventers are magnets for a certain type of horse. Sometimes it’s a matter of personality, way of going, or look, and sometimes it’s the full package.

After almost 20 years of eventing, EN reader Barrett Diehl of Top Flight Equestrian (Raleigh, North Carolina area) recently made this discovery: “I took my young horse out to a horse trial this weekend, and when I got the pictures back I saw one and realized it looked eerily similar to another one I had of my old Intermediate horse. So I decided to pair them side by side, and it’s pretty cool at how similar my horses are. The horse on the left, Topper, is 8 in this pic; my current horse is on the right, Tru, who is 7. Also what’s interesting is seeing the different styles between the years. “

Our “Let’s Discuss” topic for this week: Do YOU have a type? Tell us (or show us) in the comments!