Weekly OTTB Wishlist: OTTB Overload

I hope you’re not too OTTB overloaded after this weekend’s Thoroughbred Makeover, but gosh, what a weekend it was and for eventers especially, sweeping many divisions and winning the overall title of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred. But why let the OTTB madness stop here? There are plenty more prospects out there waiting for their chance at second careers.

Did this weekend’s Makeover inspire you to open up your barn to an OTTB of your own? Here are three eligible candidates for your consideration:

Crawfish Shorts. Photo via new Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Crawfish Shorts (CONGAREE – HEDY HOPPER, BY VICTORY GALLOP): 2014 16.2-hand New York-bred gelding

“Shorty” came straight from the track to New Vocations’ facility and has easily adjusted to life on the farm and made friends with his paddock buddies. This not-so-short gelding is a confident, talented youngster who’s finding his new training very fun and will throw in an occasional head toss to let you know how proud he is of himself. He has big swinging gaits and no stall vices or soundness issues and he’s got the clean x-rays on file to prove it! He’s also eligible for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover if you’re thinking ahead.

View Crawfish Shorts on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Pacific Surf. Photo via Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Pacific Surf (CANDY RIDE (ARG) – PACIFIC SKY, BY STORMY ATLANTIC): 2014 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Pacific Surf could definitely be channeling the surfer dude vibes with his attitude: he’s chill and laid back, yet always up for an adventure. Things seem to come easy to him and he appears to be a natural athlete. “Pacific” raced 13 times and didn’t particularly ‘wow’ at the track, but it might be that he just hasn’t found the right sport yet. He has a lovely trot with a natural toe-flick and the beginnings of collection under saddle. Take him home and he’ll be your best adventure buddy — plus, he’s also 2018 Makeover eligible!

View Pacific Surf on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Fletcher is Golden. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Fletcher is Golden (MAJESTIC WARRIOR – WHAT WILL BE, BY ANEES): 2013 16.3-hand Maryland-bred gelding

Shall we make it three for three chestnut geldings this week? Fletcher is a well-bred youngster who sold for $110,000 as a yearling at the Ocala Breeders’ Sale and he did fairly well for himself on the track, making 29 starts and earning a little over $45,000. However, this summer he didn’t run quite like he used to and while he appears sound on all accounts, it seems that he’s just getting tired of doing the racing thing. His only vice is some stall weaving when he gets anxious, but he could very likely thrive in a less stressful environment and on a non-racehorse diet. Fletcher has a great sporthorse pedigree too and could be a golden boy for whoever trains him up in a second career!

View Fletcher is Golden on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.