Meet the Winner of the Hamilton BioVet UltrOZ System Trial

Photo provided by Hamilton BioVet. Photo provided by Hamilton BioVet.

We received so many great submissions for this awesome contest presented by Hamilton BioVet that we’re relieved the result was put to a vote. Each and every story was so unique and heartfelt, and, on behalf of Hamilton BioVet, we wish we could give an UltrOZ system to each of our finalists.

The poll has spoken, though, and we would like to congratulate Natalie Tourikian for securing 45 percent of the vote to win a free two-month trial of the UltrOZ Therapeutic Ultrasound System!

Natalie sent in the touching story of her Preliminary partner, Nicky:


“My Preliminary campaigner, Nicky, has always been incredibly sound until a freak accident this spring resulted with a fractured pastern bone. Nicky has always been spooky, and this primarily shows up in the show jumping. To combat this, we cross train in the jumper ring. While showing in the 1.15-meter jumpers in Virginia, we came to this first fence with a beautiful distance.

“I closed my leg and expected Nicky to come off the ground. Instead, he looked at the jump, stuttered off the ground, but always the good event horse, he jumped anyway. He cleared it with his front end but smashed through with his back end, sending rails into his front legs. He was tangled and landed wrong, pulling up dead lame.

“I immediately got him to the vet, and we discovered he had fractured his pastern bone. While this is a devastating diagnoses, the fracture is in the best place possible and he will come back 100 percent. With a trial of an UltrOZ Therapeutic Ultrasound System from Hamilton BioVet, I’ll be able to speed the recovery of Nicky’s fracture and treat the subsequent compensation discomfort. This will definitely help get my amazing horse comfortable and competing again.”

Natalie will receive her two-month trial of the UltrOZ system, and we would like to wish her and Nicky the best of luck with the rest of their career together!

Hamilton Biovet

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