Meg Kepferle — An Update from Sinead’s Fundraiser

Photo credit Paws and Rewind

From Meg:

Hello from Southern Maryland!

I have come home for a few days to see the family, attend the nuptials of the first person I ever considered marrying (age 16 is a great time to make those decisions), and drink Mai Tais at the infamous Tiki Bar on Solomon’s Island. My hometown is a special place. During wedding season it is not unusual to find brides at dive bars on a Saturday night, or see groomsmen in line at the drive through liquor store, or go to Sheetz and find your entire graduating class getting late night MTO (made to order). I really enjoy my time at home, and it’s fun to see how life progresses for my old friends. To think I could be on my second husband and third child by now… Anyway enough about “life in the County” and more about life in Eventing.

Down time this weekend was warranted by a successful Pig Roast fundraiser on Friday evening at Bow Brickhill Stables in Milford, NJ. John and Maxine Alexis graciously hosted a phenomenal event, and the community support was overwhelming. We had a bluegrass band during dinner, followed by a rockin’ DJ – and bomb diggity silent auction. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we drank, and boy did we dance. Once the DJ realized my love for 90’s pop, it was all over. And I am still limping today. My favorite part about this fundraiser is that 80 percent of the attendees I met for the first time on Friday. Through my fundraising efforts over the years, I have done and seen a lot. I think finally – people, in general, are getting excited about this sport we all love. And this makes me smile.

So one big giant thank you to the hundreds of people that came together to support us on Friday – most of whom have never seen a XC jump – and to those that have been supporting us through our online efforts. And a special thank you to all of the new supporters of the sport as they learn to share our dreams and goals.

And thank god I didn’t marry my first love.

Here are some pictures of people not having fun at our fundraiser:

Photo credit Paws and Rewind

Photo credit Paws and Rewind

Photo credit Paws and Rewind


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