Fair Hill Saturday Recap

Unlucky #14

Hello Eventing Nation!

Yesterday was a splendid day for eventing out in Elkton, MD. Again, like the last two weekends’ events, it was my first time at Fair Hill–it is quite a lovely venue. Since the grounds are a bit spread out, it felt quiet for the amount of competitors showing. The “big” and “little” kids were out in full force. Kim, Phillip, Boyd, Allison, Sally, Hawley, etc were out and about. [Live Scoring] [Website]

The going was terrific save a bogey #14 fence in the intermediate. Four riders fell off at this fence, and these were the only rider falls in the intermediate. The officials pulled the jump from the course with four riders to go. Boyd and Ying Yang Yo absolutely tore it up (in a good way)! Unfortunately, the rider before and the rider after “Thomas” and Boyd came unseated. All four pairs that fell got up and are reported doing well, with a laceration and hurt wrist as reported injuries. A shout out to the jump judges at fence 10–they were given the task of stopping the next rider coming through during each of the holds on the course from fence 14.

Side view

The training rode pretty smoothly, it was a fantastic course, and pretty uneventful. Again, like the other Area 2 events as of late, the weather has been perfect! I try and chat with most of the jump judges as I walk around a course, and all were happy to volunteer since it was such a lovely day. Thank you, as always, for the volunteers: we wouldn’t be here without you!

I leave you with theTraining XC round….PS If is isn’t the correct videos, send hate email to [email protected] and let her know.


More to come from today as the preliminary and novice riders are on the scene.

GO eventing.

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