Monday News and Notes

Please scroll down for your Pine Top recap.  Pine Top scores.  The Cliff Notes (TM) version is that there were several falls, but all the A-list horses looked good.

Twin Rivers (CA): Scores, *USEA recap, Saturday rain from Grey Brook, USEA, full recap from Eventing with a Twist.

Coverage of West Coast training sessions from COTH
A reminder to be registered with the FEI before going to CCIs or CICs.  Apparently both Mark Todd and Zarah Phillips needed this reminder.
Florida is trying to pass a bill making horse slaughter illegal.
New Zealand gets into the extreme cowboy business.
WM knows that fears can be conquered.
In the category of weird riding stuff for sale, check out the ‘Prestige Oh-$hit-Strap,‘ from Farmhouse Tack, available in either tobacco or black, and $3,500 britches on EBay.  Thanks to Amber H. for sending me the former, and Beth for sending the later.
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