Rebecca Howard Pine Top Fall and Injury Update

From Sinead Halpin’s blog:
“Yesterday at 4:15 Rebecca endured what most event riders fear most, a rotational fall. The fence was a nasty upright at the end of the course. The fence was set at a funny angle and blended into the surrounding boards. Rocky is a horse that Rebecca was 3 on at the Fairhill CCI** in the fall so is quite experienced. Rocky didnt see the jump until it was too late. 
Rebecca suffered multiple broken ribs,both clavicles are fractured in several places and she has a mild punctured lung. We airlifted her from McDuffy Hospital in Thomson to Charlotte,NC. She is currently in ICU but will hopefully be moved soon.
She is classic Rebec and worrying about students,horses and upset about worring people! As usual she is putting on a strong face and cracking jokes but this will be a long painful recovery. My mom and Jim are with her in Charlotte and her mother Mary is on a plane now and will be here tonight. Rocky got up quickly and has not a scratch on him…”  Read more

I haven’t heard anything definitive on Jan Byyny, but the vague reports/rumors suggest that she was unconscious for some short time after her fall and the head trauma might be more of a concern than the broken wrist/ribs.

As mentioned in our Pine Top report, both Jan and Rebecca received the best possible medical care from the first moments of their falls, and all of Eventing Nation wishes them a speedy recovery.  Please keep Jan and Rebecca in your prayers and send your well-wishes to Jan’s FB and Rebecca’s FB.
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