Monday News & Notes from Fleeceworks

Baby horse cuddles! Photo by Shelby Allen.

The only thing that got me out of the house yesterday was seeing these sweet babies! These yearlings are almost like dogs, and have become very social! Their snuggles warmed my heart on such a cold day. I’m so impressed with the rest of you who were ambitious in the cold.

National Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, National Hat Day

U.S. Weekend Action: 

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Monday News: 

Izzy Taylor announced this weekend the loss of top horse Trevidden last year. Owned by Dr. Patricia Turner, “Joss” suffered a seemingly minor injury at the Burghley Horse Trials last fall, and underwent surgery 8 weeks later to correct the issue. Sadly, he had to be euthanized shortly before Christmas. [‘I Loved Him the Moment I Saw Him’: Farewell to ‘Incredible’ Event Horse]

Three horses have tested positive following the Delhi CCI*, November 27-30. Black Beauty, ridden by Sarvesh Singh Pal, tested positive for  the anabolic agent boldenone and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug meloxicam. The horse Cantolina, who won the event, tested positive for boldenone. Golden Boy, ridden by Raj Kumar, also tested positive for boldenone. [Alleged Anti-Doping Rule Breeches in Eventing]

Get Ready for Winter Indoor Inspiration! Courtney Cooper shares her favorite grid that she says can be adapted for both greenies and experienced horses. [Grid Pro Quo with Courtney Cooper]

Monday Video: