Monday News & Notes from Fleeceworks

Hannah Sue Burnett and Lukeswell. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Astute score-stalkers may have noticed that that Lynn Symansky was in the irons at Three Lakes Horse Trials this weekend jockeying several horses from Hannah Sue Burnett’s regular string. If you wondered why, Hannah Sue posted on Instagram yesterday to explain: she had to have surgery in November to repair her core muscles which were damaged in a fall in October. The recovery period after this surgery is a bit longer and as riders we know how important those core muscles are!

We hope you heal up as quickly as possible, Hannah Sue! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from EN.

National Holiday: The Day the Music Died Day (So bye, bye Miss American Pie … )

U.S. Weekend Results:

Galway Downs Winter H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Three Lakes H.T. at Caudle Ranch [Website] [Final Scores]

Monday News & Notes:

We’re also sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Joanne Bridgman, a member of the 1978 World Championship for New Zealand amongst other accolades, including currently running a highly-regarded sale barn. Joanne and her brother were involved in a car crash on a highway in her home country, the cause of which is currently unknown, which devastatingly left a person in another car dead. Joanie has upwards of 23 bones broken and has already had two surgeries, her brother also suffered broken bones, and her dog, who was riding in the car as well, also sadly died. [Well-known horse rider recovering after horror car crash, with several bones broken]

I don’t know about you, but I would be over the moon if I could spend five days with Pippa Funnel. I’m sure the six riders in the The Windrush Young Eventers Programme were as well when they recently got to do just that. Horse & Hound was invited to watch their final day of training with Pippa and got the scoop from each rider on their biggest takeaway over the past five days. [Basics, rider position and attention to detail: vital lessons from Pippa Funnell]

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