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I love seeing five-star veterans enjoy their ‘second’ (and often third!) career as schoolmasters, and so seeing British rider Tom Crisp‘s Burghley specialist Coolys Luxury, now 19, teaching Tom’s teenaged working pupil Charlie Pincus the ropes in his very first Novice was pretty cool indeed. It’s made more poignant by the passing of Will Faudree‘s legendary partner Antigua, who died at the extraordinary age of 32 over the weekend. So often, we all know these horses for the moments they spent in the spotlight at the peak of their careers – but what happens afterwards, whether it’s popping around the mid-levels with a young rider or enjoying a well-deserved and luxurious retirement, is every inch as important to both the horses and the people whose lives they touch. Here’s to the good old boys (and girls) – may their grass always be the very greenest.

National Holiday: It’s National Women’s Check-Up Day. Take five to do a quick self-examination of your assets and book yourself in for a pap smear too – I’d be willing to bet you’re overdue for one.

US Weekend Action:

Jersey Fresh International: [Website] [Results] [EN’s Coverage]

Apple Knoll Farm H.T.: [Website] [Results]

The Event at Skyline: [Website] [Results]

Miami Valley H.T.: [Website] [Results]

Poplar Place Farm H.T.: [Website] [Results]

Unionville H.T.: [Website] [Results]

WindRidge Farm H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times]

UK Weekend Action:

Broadway (1): Results

Keysoe (1): Results and Times

Moreton Morrell (1): Results

Richmond (1): Results

Global Eventing Round-Up:

Whichever corner of the world you’ve had your eye on, there’s certainly been plenty to keep your attention. Alongside Jersey Fresh in the States, the global calendar also saw France’s Haras de Jardy run levels from CCI1* to CCI3*-S, while Germany’s Marbach hosted CCI2*-S and CCI4*-S sections. Down under, Antipodean riders were out in force at the Sydney Three-Day Event, which hosted international classes from CCI3*-S to CCI4*-L at the stunning former Olympic venue.

Jardy’s top result was that of Germany’s Felix Etzel, who finished on his dressage score of 26.4 and took the CCI3*-S aboard Promising Pete TSF, with whom he contested Le Lion d’Angers last year. This is looking to be a seriously exciting horse in the making for this exceptional up-and-coming rider – this was the gelding’s debut at the level but his second consecutive international victory after he took top honours in a CCI2*-S at Oudkarspel earlier this year. France’s Tom Carlile took the CCI2*-L with Etoile de Beliard, while the Netherlands’ Ilonka Kluytmans and Canna There He Is were victorious in the CCI2*-S. Check out the full results here.

Meanwhile, Michael Jung (who?) took the win at Marbach’s CCI4*-S with fischerChipmunk FRH after recording one of just two clear rounds inside the time. But it was a day of ups and downs for Michi, who proved that even he is human — he was eliminated aboard another horse for missing an obstacle on cross-country. Whoops! Sandra Auffarth and Viamant du Matz continued their quest for a Tokyo spot with a smart second place, while Ingrid Klimke‘s SAP Hale Bob OLD proved that the showjumping continues to be a major question mark with two rails down for eventual eighth.

Niki and Shane Rose enjoyed a bumper weekend at Sydney when Niki piloted Dreamcatcher to victory in the CCI3*-L, Shane rode his veteran campaigner Virgil to second place in the CCN4*-S (won by Stuart Tinney and Celebration), and their own Cage Fighter, ridden by Sam Woods, won the CCI4*-L. The CCI4*-S went the way of Sam Lyle and BF Valour after a seriously hot competition.

Your Monday Reading List:

In the biggest equine headline of the weekend, Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit has failed the mandatory post-race drug test. Currently, that doesn’t strip him of his win – he’ll have another sample checked first and then an appeals process can begin — but the result puts trainer Bob Baffert in the spotlight for the wrong reasons…and not for the first time. [Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test]

The weekend should have revolved around Badminton, but for the second year in a row, our dreams were stoppered and put back on the shelf. That means that Piggy March and Vanir Kamira remain our reigning champions – and you can get to know the little mare that could as Piggy looks back on the week that changed her life. [Piggy March on Badminton winner Vanir Kamira: ‘The days revolve around her, but she could sense my dreams and took me there’]

The USEA has increased the age limit for the Young Rider program to 25, giving more up-and-coming riders access to training, funding, and opportunities to progress in their competitive careers. [USEA Increases Age of Young Rider Program to 25]

And finally – coaches, fancy sharpening your cross-country teaching skills from the comfort of your own home? Legends Lucinda Green and William Fox-Pitt will be leading four Zoom seminars designed to act as a roundtable for coaches to discuss tactics and techniques for teaching this pivotal discipline. Click here to book your spot. 

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What I’m Listening To:

I’m a huge fan of the podcast You’re Wrong About, which I’ve mentioned here before for its super mini-series on Princess Diana. This no-BS, totally bingeable pod focuses on a different topic per episode, and those topics are ordinarily cultural touchstones that have been lost in translation. Think Tonya Harding, the OJ Simpson trial, and the Satanic Panic. Right now, hosts Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall are delving into a three-part series on the modern moral panic surrounding political correctness and ‘cancel culture’, looking at a number of huge news headlines of the 90s and 2000s that just…don’t really hold up to much scrutiny. It’s incredibly interesting listening and a sobering reminder that we all need to look beyond the headlines and assess the media we consume with a critical mind. I gobbled up the episode on the cancellation of the Chicks while mucking out on a hangover, which says a lot about how diverting these pods are.

Morning Viewing:

Excuse me while I sob into the 2019 Badminton programme.