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Okay, okay, so we try not to use this top spot in our News & Notes for advertising – but when I saw this post on my Insta feed, I actually audibly gasped, and I know a lot of you will be just as excited as I am about it. Lucinda Green and Ingrid Klimke on one webinar? Explaining to me why dressage schooling directly impacts cross-country performance? Oh my god, sign me up! The webinar will be tomorrow evening at 3.30 p.m. Eastern time, and I’d be willing to bet it’ll be one of the most valuable things you do this off-season.

National Holiday: Put your hand up if you’ve ever felt personally attacked by National Clean Your Desk Day.

Your Monday Reading List:

There was some hot debate on social media among some of the sport’s biggest names after EquiRatings released its list of 2021’s top event horses, ranked by their Elo rating. Now, in an effort to shed further light on the Elo and how it works – and why our current European champion and the Tokyo gold medallist don’t even feature on the list – they’ve teamed up with Horse&Hound to delve into the science behind the list.

Have you got your sites set on the top? Then you’ll want to read these nuggets of wisdom, collected through the year from the stars of equestrian sport.

If you followed Ireland’s Goresbridge Go For Gold sale this year, you’ll have noticed something – an awful lot of horses with an MBF prefix. Not only did an MBF horse become the top seller of the sale, they also dominated the catalogue – and the Irish Farmers Journal sat down with MBF’s Meabh Bolger to find out how they did it and why she loves a great Thoroughbred dam line.

Get to know Favian, Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride’s top-level partner-in-crime. He has an emotional support mini, and that’s pretty much all I needed to start crying this morning.

One can’t help but feel we’re heading closer to a major reckoning and the implementation of a SafeSport system in the UK. Certainly something needs to change, and the recent rape charges against showjumping coach John Sillett prove that point in spades.

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Follow the Ebony Horse Club and see what life is like at a riding school in the heart of London – plus, you can check out the adventures of the resident riders, several of whom are pivoting into the racing industry after the success of Ebony rider Khadijah Mellah, who won the Magnolia Cup in 2019!

Morning Viewing:

Join Elisa Wallace as she heads across the pond in search of a superstar.