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It’s finally here! The 2022 FEI World Championships of Eventing is upon us, and me and Shelby Allen have just touched down in Rome to crack on with a week of wall-to-wall content (and, I hope, lots of Aperol spritz). Stay tuned for plenty of juicy pieces over the next few days, including two form guides, At A Glance graphics guides, course walks, and much, much more. Go Eventing!

National Holiday: It’s Māori Language Week. You can find out more about why that’s so important, and the rich history of New Zealand’s indigenous peoples, here.

US Weekend Action:

CDCTA Fall H.T. (Berryville, VA): [Website] [Results]

Chardon Valley H.T. (Decatur, MI): [Website] [Results]

Five Points H.T. (Raeford, NC): [Website] [Results]

Flora Lea Fall H.T. (Medford, N): [Website] [Results]

GMHA September H.T. & Area I Championships (South Woodstock, VT): [Website] [Results]

UK Weekend Results:

Cornbury International: [Results]

Frenchfield (2): [Results]

Chillington Hall Area Festival: [Results]

West Wilts (3): [Results]

Your Monday Reading List:

The idea of taking your horse to ‘cowboy camp’ might make you roll your eyes. I get it: I’m inherently suspicious of the natural horsemanship industry which, rather like the wellness industry, can sometimes take a fundamentally good concept and twist it into a money-making machine. But done right, and delivered properly, learning to ‘speak horse’ can have some huge benefits, as writer Justine Griffin discovered when she took her out-of-action horse out to learn how to work together in-hand. [You don’t actually need to pay three figures for a carrot stick]

Several years ago, an inauspicious tumble while riding on the flat threw a huge curveball into Hannah Sue Hollberg’s life and career. Find out how she engineered her recovery — with some top-notch support from her now-husband Matthias — and got herself back to the big leagues. [The rise and rise of Hannah Sue]

From getting a speeding ticket at her first ever event to jumping around Advanced tracks — with a serious injury in between — Dr Kim Keeton has experienced the full spectrum of the sport. The amateur event rider works full-time as a vet, and managed to carve out time to go train in England, too; if you’re not inspired by her get-up-and-go, I’ll be astonished. [Do all the things, live all the dreams]

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I know we all just want to follow the folks on the ground at Pratoni this week, and French debutant Gaspard Maksud is going to give us what we all want: unbridled joy, behind the scenes shots, and a little bit of je ne sais quois. Well worth the follow.

Morning Viewing:

Get a taste of what’s to come this week in Pratoni with this footage from the 2007 European Championships: