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I can’t stop thinking about Phillip Dutton dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who knew the man would rock a wig and a robe with such verve and pizzazz? I look forward to the Great Charity Challenge every year – and not just because the outfits are always on point. It’s so heartening to see how much money can be raised and distributed to charity in the course of an evening, and really speaks to the power of the horse world.

Speaking of fundraising within the horse world, you’d have to have spent the last few days living under a rock to have missed the ongoing colossal effort to save this year’s Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. A whopping $400k needed to be raised by close of play yesterday in order to put the event on something like solid footing, and as of this morning, it looks as though the grand total is sitting pretty at over $423,000. The total goal is $750,000, so do consider donating here. We all know the strength of our eventing community – and you can bet that your EN fam will be on hand to host the virtual tailgate party of dreams to accompany your epic week of live-streaming come April!

We’re also delighted to welcome FutureTrack Footing to the EN family this week as they bring you the news you need to know from across the eventing world every Monday morning. We replaced our arena surfaces at my yard last year and I can honestly say that upgrading your footing is one of the savviest investments you’ll ever make – so if you’re on the fence, give them a call to discuss your options!

National Holiday: It’s National Kite-Flying Day! Which is a sensible choice for February, really, because flying a kite in a blizzard is commonly regarded as being oodles of fun.

US Weekend Results:

Sporting Days Farm February H.T.: [Results]

Three Lakes Ranch H.T.: [Results]

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Your Monday Reading List:

If you’re anything like me, any minute of your childhood that wasn’t spent at the barn was spent buried in a horsey book. Honestly, I still keep a secret Kindle that’s just full of pony novels, and no, I’m not ashamed at all. Sometimes, a girl just needs a bit of the Saddle Club to unwind, right?! It was a hard job, but I narrowed down my eight favourite fictional horses for Horse&Rider magazine, and now I can never look at this article again because I already want to add more in. [Eight fictional horses we’ve always wanted to ride]

Speaking of Horse&Rider, their deep-dive into the horse’s of Netflix’s Bridgerton truly blew my mind. I can honestly say that dyeing a horse for a TV show would never, ever have occurred to me. [Rubber shoes and dye jobs – facts about Bridgerton’s equine stars that’ll powder your wig]

Want a simple but super effective grid for the week? Team Windchase’s Cindy Anderson-Blank has just what you need to fine-tune your horse’s adaptability and your eye for a stride, while honing the essentials – balance, power and a positive canter. [Grid Pro Quo with Cindy Anderson-Blank]

Brush up on your intel about Lynn Symansky with nine fast facts from Horse&HoundEver wondered why Donner’s nicknamed ‘the Deer’? The answer probably won’t surprise you, tbqh. [Pony Club plaudits, Donner ‘the deer’ and seven other things you didn’t know about Lynn Symansky]

This is the year I’ve decided I’m going to nail the dressage once and for all. So I found these snippets of wisdom from dressage legend Rosemarie Springer – plus the accompanying vintage photos – both inspiring and incredibly helpful. Here’s to a lot more final marks that begin with a ‘2’. [Wisdom from the Great Rosemarie Springer]

Want to get to know Mavis Spencer: showjumper, outspoken activist, and child of Hollywood? Of course you do, because she’s fascinating. [5 Questions with Show Jumping Star Mavis Spencer]

And finally, we say a sad goodbye to Anissa Cottongim, whose legacy lives on in the USA with its thriving Trakehner scene. You can read her obituary here to find out all the myriad ways she touched people’s lives.

The FutureTrack Follow:

If I’m honest with you, I’d never thought much about Wrangler – in my head, their target demographic was Western riders, so I never had much reason to pay attention to them. But hoo boy, I’m paying attention now. The staple denim brand has been using its platforms to share stories and incredible photographs of diversity within the horse world, and their refreshing and inspiring content has been an absolute tonic to break up all my doom-scrolling. Give them a follow for beautifully-curated feel-good content and the ultimate in high-waist jeans.


Morning Viewing:

Love to look through the keyhole at some of the world’s most glamorous equestrian facilities? Then you’ll be very into the Cotswold Equestrian Club, base of British dressage rider Spencer Wilton and, one must presume, a whole army of cleaning staff.