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If there’s one thing I’m really, totally into, it’s democracy, baby. And that applies to your governing bodies, too – no matter where you compete, nor at which level, your needs are being looked after by a group of people who are largely voted in by members. So if you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth from your membership, or you have concerns about the way the sport is going, make sure your voice is heard by participating in AGMs and voting for your board of directors.

Today’s the final day you’ll be able to do so for the British Eventing board of directors, so double-check your email for your voting links and cast your ballot for the person you want fighting your corner. You can find all the information on the candidates here. Then, be sure to tune into the Annual General Meeting tomorrow at 5pm via Zoom, where you’ll be able to put your questions and concerns to the Board, get insight into what’s to come in 2021 for BE, and cast an ‘in-person’ vote if you’re not able to do so today. Email [email protected] to register for your spot.

National Holiday: It’s National Cashew Day. Certainly in my top five nuts, the cashew.

US Weekend Results:

Grand Oaks H.T.: [Website] [Results]

Southern Arizona Eventing Association H.T.: [Website] [Results] [Show Photographer]

Global Eventing Round-Up:

  • The first week of the three-week Portugal Winter Tour kicked off with a bang, with a small but fiercely competitive group of international riders heading down to the sunny Lisbon suburbs to contest classes from 1* to 4*-S. Ireland’s Cathal Daniels rode Barrichello to victory in the top class, while Thailand’s Korntawat Samran and Bonero K took the CCI3*-S. Check out the report here.

Your Monday Reading List:

A free-range senior citizen pub horse is missing his booze and snacks with his local on lockdown. Honestly, I’ve never related to a horse more. [33-year-old pub horse misses his half-pint and crisps during lockdown]

Bad rides: they happen to all of us. But if a disappointing schooling session leaves you kicking yourself for the rest of the day – or even the week – it’s time to revolutionise the way you deal with the setbacks with this solid advice. [5 Things to Do After a Tough Ride]

There are few things harder than recognising that your horse just isn’t The One. Olympic eventer Sharon Hunt has plenty of advice for spotting when it’s just not going to work, and making sure your next partner is perfect for you. [What if my horse isn’t the right one for me?]

What’s actually happening with the 2020 — um, make that 2021 — Olympics, anyway? Our own Sally Spickard lays bare the facts and latest updates on the forthcoming Games, as well as the viability of inviting spectators into their midst. We remain on tenterhooks. [Eyes on Tokyo: The Latest Updates on 2021 Olympics]

Morning Viewing:

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Japan’s Kazuma Tomoto gives you some great pointers on getting it right…


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