Monday News & Notes from Fleeceworks

Thibault Fornier and Siniani de Lathus. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

We are incredibly saddened to report that French rider Thibault Fournier is currently hospitalized after suffering a serious fall at an event in Pompadour, France. He is currently in a coma, but reported to be stable. 24-year-old Thibault memorably won Pau CCI5*-L last year in his first attempt at the level. We’re sending our very best wishes for recovery to Thibault.

National Holiday: Columbus Day

Major Events:

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U.S. Weekend Results:

Maryland at Loch Moy H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Hitching Post Farm H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Radnor Hunt H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Paradise Farm H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Ocala Fall H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Fleur de Leap H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Las Cruces H.T. [Website] [Final Scores]

Monday News & Notes:

Some good news: Kevin Babington has been transferred to a rehabilitation facility. The Irish show jumper suffered a life-changing fall on August 30th at the Hampton Classic. Kevin still have a very long road to recovery ahead, but his transfer our of the hospital is a good sign. The extent of paralysis is still not known, but Kevin is now able to eat and drink on his own and his voice is getting stronger. [Update on Kevin Babington and Fundraising Options]

There are many rules that dictate the cross-country obstacles, from the height of the roof above a fence to the types of flags that must be used on certain types of jumps. It is important to understand these rules so that, as a competitor, you can be aware of what is and is not permitted on the cross-country course. [Rule Refresher: Cross-Country Obstacles]

Back pain is the worst. And it’s fairly common among riders. Back pain can stem from a number of things, including but not limited to poor posture, muscle weaknesses and misuse, saddle type, or trauma related to falls. Here are a few exercises to help you bullet-proof your back. [How to Maintain a Strong Back and Prevent Soreness]

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