Monday Video: Alex Hua Tian on the Emotional Impact of Horses

“There’s nothing in this world that can let you down like a horse can let you down at times. But at the same time on the converse side, nothing can surprise you in its generosity like a horse can as well.”

We’re really living for all the video content that the FEI is churning out right now leading up to the Olympics, particularly this poignant conversation with Alex Hua Tin, an Olympic and five-star event rider who has not only dedicated himself to competing at the highest level of the sport, but also growing the sport from the grassroots and breaking down some of the barriers to the sport’s accessibility in China, the country that he rides for. In this video we’re are treated to a sit down with Alex, who masterfully verbalizes some of what makes equestrian sport so enticing to those who compete in it and the emotions that go along with it.

We’re also treated to a mini tour of Pinfold Stables, a facility which Alex and his girlfriend, British dressage rider Sarah Higgins both operate out of. There we get to meet of few of Alex’s horses including one of the clones of Badminton winner Chili Morning and of course the 14-year-old Hanoverian gelding Don Geniro, who was Alex’s mount for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The pair finished in the top ten individually at Rio and they will be making a return to the Olympics together in Tokyo later this month.